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Who We Are and What We Do

Survivors Speak RI is a speaker’s bureau comprised of survivors that share their own personal stories of sexual assault and domestic violence in a high powered and dynamics discussion.

All of our programs will leave you with a better understanding of the effects of sexual assault from the victims perspective. Survivors have a powerful impact on an audience by making the often hidden crime of sexual violence very real. It has been found that audiences are more responsive to real voices and real people.​

SSRI programs includes explicit details of child molestation, adult rape and domestic violence. Survivors take you on their emotionally haunting journey as they transition from being a victim, to being a survivor of sex crimes and domestic violence crimes.

Our philosophy is to directly engage our audience and communicate with them on a personal level as we educate them about the subject of sexual assault, domestic violence, and trauma.

We are the missing link to complement your training.

Let us take you with us on our journey from victim to survivor.

Survivors Speak RI Staff
Pasco Troia and Jane Johnson sharing personal experiences with people to promote awareness of sexual and domestic violence.

"Talking about sexual assault across America"

We Want To Speak To Your Organizations

SSRI speakers work with organizations to better their practices related to the education about, and response to, sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse and awareness.

Our speakers have spoken at all types of events and to various companies, organization, colleges, hospitals and government bodies to assist in their programs to better educate the public, train staff and personel.

We Want To Speak To Your Orginazation!

Survivors Speak RI are the experts who are ready to talk to your organization about sexual assault and domestic violence with custom assembled programs for each presentation to fit your specific needs.

  • Military Installations
  • Prison Programs
  • School K-12 Programs
  • Sports Teams and Coaches
  • Judicial System
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Companies and Organizations
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SSRI Working For Changes

One of our many goals at Survivors Speak RI is to help victims in as many ways as possible. On March 12th 2019 we were given the opportunity to briefly speak to the Senate Committee to encourage change in the statute of limitations law. Our concern was to extend the amount of time victims are allowed to pursue compensation based on their day of discovery.

SSRI Speaking Out

“Many times, we think someone is ranting but they’re actually speaking with conviction: and everyone has just forgotten the sound of real passion. We’re so afraid of absolutes and a strong gut and digging in your heels, that we dismiss the powerful voice of a lonely fighter.” J.S. Park.

Meet Pasco Troia from SURVIVORS SPEAK RI. He is our passionate male child survivor. He has a remarkable story to tell.

Call us at 401-954-6262 to schedule a training event at your organization. We offer a wide variety of programs to meet your training needs. – with Pasco Troia

NBC News Channel 10, provides further information about Senate Bill 315, the stature of limitation for the limitation of childhood sex abuse claims extended to 35 years.

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"Talking About Sexual Assault Across America."


We are the experts to talk to your organization about sexual assault and domestic violence.

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We are the missing link to complement your training at your next event or funtion.

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